Brooklyn has a long association with the art of tattooing. The tattoo culture is thriving in Brooklyn and over the last decades, tattoos have soared in popularity. A tattoo can be inspired by many things, such as, a desire to express one’s self, an inspiration from someone you admire or through a trend seen in celebrity culture. Tattoos are even getting couture treatment by leading magazines, no longer being rendered invisible by image retouchers.

Brooklyn Tattoo Shop – Williamsburg Tattoo

There are numerous tattoo artists and tattoo shops in Brooklyn, representing different kinds of ethos associated with the tattooing arts. Williamsburg Tattoo Parlor in Brooklyn is a family owned and operated tattoo shop where you can find professional tattooing advice and get inked. We welcome walk-ins but for your own convenience it’s better to make an appointment first. You can simply call our number or drop an email for scheduling an inking session.

Brooklyn Tattoo Artist

Rustin Revilla, owner of Williamsburg Tattoo, is a tattoo artist with his own uniquephilosophies about the art of tattooing. Rustin is a professional Tattoo Artist, and aims to helpevery client attain their dream tattoo. Rustin, wants every tattoo to have a life-long significancefor his customers. Rustin can adapt his technique to align it with a client’s vision. Whether it be ablack and grey portrait or a new-school bright color art, animations, or neo traditional art, he cancreate them all.